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We Believe In Great Ideas Which Do Not Depend On Great Physical Space But On Great Minds!

In an era where the Country has become highly Consumer Oriented, we are group of your men fighting for the rights of protecting the needs of Consumer Rights and Address the issue to the customer and empower them.
About Us

We Are Here Providing The Best Solution To Our Client With Their Consumer Problems

Modern Techniques To Approach The Issue

We take the Quicker approach for claiming the query of the consumers online and solve it with every small detail mostly online.

Awarded And Licensed Company

We have been proposed as the most enthusiastic and working busy professionals for the Protecting Consumer Rights.

Why Choose Us?

We have built a center for rectifying consumer cases based on the best global norms and practices as a member of reputed organizations National and International like International Consumer Research & Testing (ICRT) and Consumers International

Complaint filed under Consumer portals are processed with a series of events with us, let’s take you through the process

One-Stop Solution

Legal Helpdesk

Our 24/7 Help Desk is available for all our clients to file their complaints.

Ease Of Filing

We take a Digital approach to the cases makes us stand out of the crowd.

Cost Effective

We are cost effective and put reasonable price for our services unlike others.

Legal Experts

We are group of legal Experts who put everything to resolve the Consumer issues.


We keep your complaint private so there is no publicity of personal troubles.

Real Time Tracking

Our online portal lets you track the complaints and keep updated for any progress.



What We Envisage?

We aim to eradicate all the consumer related issues in our area so as to make the buying process a fun thing to do and not hectic for the customers.


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